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Return On Investment (ROI)

ROI: The Mathematics of Profit Explained  The materials come in and the products go out. You fulfill orders at a healthy pace, keeping the customers happy. Still, how well are you actually doing? A basic return-on-investment calculation can help you monitor funds so...

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How to forecast trends through the use of Databases

Importance of Using Databases in the Retail Industry No matter how big or small your business is, establishing a database is crucial. It’s an excellent way to stay organized, and it can help you avoid costly mistakes, such as loss of inventory. If you have yet to...

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Be your own cheerleader and motivator in business

Being Your Own Cheerleader and Motivator in Business Navigating your way through the business world is tough. In addition to fending off your competition, you may find that seeking external support is tricky. When others don’t understand what you do or they’re too...

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How to overcome fear in business

How to overcome fear in business Do you know what’s holding you back from succeeding in the business world? Could it be fear? One of the most uncomfortable truths involves accepting that the problem may be you. Fear is a sensation that goes with all your natural...

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The Importance of Social Media

The importance of staying active on social media Why Staying Active on Social Media Matters For Your Business Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest - the list goes on and on when it comes to popular social media platforms.  You likely use one, some, or all of these...

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Are you Living your Dream Life?

 What does your Dream Life look like?  If you could choose anything in the world what would it be right now?  This isn’t a gimmicky email trying to sell you anything. And to be honest I hate sending emails that are purely sales. I thought i would change this up 🙂 No...

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