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Starting Your Business

Business Name, Company Name, Insurance and Trade Marks – Do you have everything you need to start your new business?a


Marketing is the ability to identify and satisfy customer needs at a profit. Marketing is more than advertising. Do you have a marketing plan?

Retail Stores

Your ready to move into your own store. Do you know if a physical store or a pop-up would be best? Do you know how to fit out the store or what about staff?

Online Stores

Unlike a physical or a pop-up store online selling has challenges of it’s own. Websites, SEO, Social Media and Marketing – How do you start?


You have your shop and your lease now you need to plan out the operations of the business! Do you have stock? What about a sales plan? Or Branding?

Customer Service

You have your business operational however how many of your customers are returning customers? How are you rewarding your loyal customers?


You are ready to take the plunge and start manufacturing your own brand but don’t know where to start? What are minimum orders? Shipping?

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Free Resources

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